On the south east side of Vancouver Island is a pastoral setting of rolling green fertile hills and majestic softwood rainforests: the Cowichan Valley.  Mediterranean growing seasons and mild maritime winters make it the most important agricultural area on Vancouver Island. This is British Columbia’s newest wine-growing region.



The vineyard at Cherry Point was established in 1990 when

the founders purchased 34 acres on a former mink ranch a few

miles south of Cowichan Bay.  Grape growing was new on Vancouver Island.  

The vineyard was planted with grape varieties suited to the island’s soil and

climate and soon Cherry Point Estate Wines became one of the first licensed

wineries on Vancouver Island.


The vineyard is planted on a glacial moraine, a gravel and stony hill, rich in minerals on top of the surrounding clay soils. South facing slopes provide ideal drainage and solar exposure. A large pond catches the winter rain as it runs down the vineyard’s sloping hills and the mineral enriched water is judiciously irrigated back onto the vines.

Today the vineyard is one of the largest on Vancouver Island. White varieties include Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Ortega, Siegerrebe, and Epicure. Red varieties are Pinot Noir, Zweigelt, Cabernet Libre, Agria, and Castel. 

Solar exposure and ocean air circulation are fundamental elements in determining Cherry Point’s terroir. The farm is managed to reflect the character of the land, with the resulting flavors and aromas that give Cherry Point’s wines their uniqueness. 

The award-winning wines are made following traditional European wine making processes, where the earth makes the wine, honoring the spiritual connection between the earth, rain and sun that nourish the vineyard. The whites are crisp and clean, brimming with varietal fruit; reds, fruit forward and full bodied. Both whites and reds have character and weight, reflecting the elegance of the Estate.