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Cherry Point Estate Wines is one of the first vineyards on Vancouver Island. It was planted in 1990. It is a 35 acre property, 22 of which are planted with 14 different varietals. The vineyard is planted according to our different soil types, that is to say, the type of soil adequate for each varietal, and the amount of sunshine that we get. The Cowichan Valley has a long warm growing season. Our gravelly soils ensure vines will be well drained during heavy rainy seasons. Our proximity to the ocean protects the vineyard in the spring from frost. We are a cool climate grape growing area. Our specific varietals have been carefully selected for our growing conditions.


At Cherry Point you will experience different white and red varietals as well as our well-known blackberry dessert wines. Our white wines are crisp and fruit forward; our red wines are medium bodied with a lot of fruit character.

We harvest the sunshine and remember it is the soil that makes wine!


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